LABADANzky is an italian contemporary artist, specialized in giant urban installations, built from upcycled materials already descarded by the classic “production-consumption” industrial process.

Constantly marked with an oppidan shape/color scheme, his massive pieces frenetically and subliminally start a dialog with the user, to talk about the everyday alienating “city life” issues and contraddictions, by interacting with urban forniture and architectural elements already neetly arranged on the artist’s “metropolitan playground”.

The artist creates robotic creatures inspired by city environment and the Sci-Fi universe: urban fornitures and infrastructures come to life as an integral part of his works. He uses a wide variety of found materials and medias such as metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, wall painting, stickers, poster art and more.

He was born in Genoa in the early 80’s, as a child he developed a passion for art and science. At first, his childish intention was to create a human-shaped robot in order to replace his only parent at her workplace and give her more time to spend with her family.

He began to pursue this goal using recycled materials found on the streets and putting them together. As a result, he was soon convinced that his future laid in the art world, so he started working on his art on his own and continued that way. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa (Italy) and in Valencia (Spain). While following his studies LABADANzky became known in the street art world, mostly after his graduation in 2010, when he began to use northern Italian streets as his main “playground”, building up his giant robots’ army. After that, LABADANzky started travelling between european cities creating his monumental installations on his way.


“O5m051”: 300x200x200 cm, curated by “Technonart”; Trento (IT), 2015.

“Arachnomachia”: multiple urban installation (70 pz x 100 cm2 each), curated by Med3R, Genoa (IT), 2015-2016.

“U.E.C.9000”: 450x200x200 cm, Art Biennale in Lucca, 2016.

“Andy 0.2”: 200x200x150 cm, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce, Genoa (IT), 2017.

“Out of Order”: solo show, Ex Villaggio Olimpico, curated by Aboutness Gallery, Turin (IT), 2017.

“Rest In Pieces”: solo show in Palazzo Ducale, curated by Aboutness Gallery, Genoa, 2018.

“Oh-Me”: 300x180x90 cm, dual installation’s campaign during Art Basel’s Miami Art Week at: “Walls”, Wynwood art district and Convention Center Drive, Miami beach, curated by Question Mark Gallery, USA, 2018.

“Stretched Bee”: 400 × 200 × 300 cm, interactive monumental installation, in partnership with 20th Century Fox and Hasbro Italia, curated by Question Mark Gallery, Milan (IT), 2018.

“Incursioni”: triple monumental installation at Auchan spaces, 400x200x200 cm – 300x100x120cm – 350x200x120 cm. Turin, Cuneo 2019.

“Thory”: dual monumental installation, 400x150x150 ca, Switzerland, Basel, at Messe plazze, (entrance: Art Basel) and Burgweg, Liste-art fair 2019.

“Programmed obsolescence”: 400×200×200 cm, monumental installation, curated by Question Mark Gallery, at Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan 2018; Lucca Comics 2018; Nyx Milan 2019.

“Dante’s Backup 0.7”: 450x200x250 cm, semi-permanent monumental installation, during “Dante Plus”, curated by Bonobolabo, Ravenna (IT), 2019.

“Dante’s Backup 0.7”: 450x200x250 cm, semi-permanent monumental installation, during “Booming. Contemporary Art Fair”, curated by Magazzeno Art Gallery, Bologna (IT), 2020.

“Things’ tale”: 350x150x100 cm, temporary monumental installation, Paratissima, Bologna (IT), 2020.

“Social Distanciator”: 450x210x120 cm ca, temporary monumental installation, RestArt Urban Art Festival, Imola (IT), 2020.

“Pig-Maglione”: 450x210x120 cm ca, temporary monumental installation, Philosophy Festival, Modena (IT), 2020.

“Virgilio 0.7”: 450x210x120 cm ca, temporary monumental installation, Subsidenze Street Art Festival, Ravenna (IT), 2020.

“Second Life”: solo show (online exclusive), curated by Magazzeno Art Gallery, Artsy, 2021.